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Reference Trace

Rational Waves RF Spectrum Analysis Software
Reference Trace
This feature allows the user to import a saved trace (in CSV format) that appears as a ‘reference trace’ on the Spectrum Trace chart when scanning is active. This is useful when it is desirable to compare current traces with a trace that was collected at a prior time and/or different location. To load a reference trace select ‘Add Reference Trace’ from the main menu, and you will then be prompted to select a CSV file to import as the Reference Trace. When scanning is active then the reference trace appears in blue and is static — that is, it does not change.

‘Export Last Trace…’ is used to create a reference trace in CSV format. If you wish to remove a reference trace then select ‘Remove Reference Trace’ from the main menu.

Please note that when you load a reference trace then its ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ frequencies are used as the defaults for the current scan.